Big Lock almost ready to go

We are getting very close to having true multiprocessor support for networking.

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2 Comments on Big Lock almost ready to go


  1. Lazarus says:

    I do try to keep up, but some of the finer details elude me still… is this at least comparable to the state of multithreaded, giant-free networking that will be in FreeBSD 5.3, or does it go beyond?

    Yes, I am aware that DragonFly’s networking code was made nearly completely MP safe in *much* less time that FreeBSD’s code was (congratulations on that BTW ;^), I’m just not sure if their recent activity has brought them up to speed so that both projects are now on “equal” footing or not.

  2. Justin C. Sherrill says:

    Jeff Hsu can speak better on this, but I don’t think he reads here. “Equal” is not really a valid comparison here, since the methodology is completely different.

    From what I understand, programming with the DragonFly version of this will be much easier; performance probably will be better, but I’m basing that on prior example and not testing. :)