Sound changes

If your sound card previously did not work, a recent fix suggested by Barry Bouwsma and committed by Matthew Dillon may fix it. If you have a SF64-PCR sound card, a change in make.conf will be needed, as described in the link above.

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  1. Joe "Floid" Kanowitz says:

    A quick Google shows this is a radio tuner card, and the commit suggests that it doesn’t take audio in the outgoing direction (as in: *not* a soundcard, just a sampler), while the manufacturer’s abuse of the PCI ID made some *actual* sound cards be detected as it. [So if you have the *radio* card with that ID, you now have to add the option to keep the system from trying to spin up audio output to 'nowhere' ... while everything with the FM801 sound chip will now be enabled as a full soundcard by default.]

    If anyone else was wondering.