NVIDIA for us

Emiel Kollof is working on a new version of the NVIDIA driver to match their upcoming new release. He’s also working on the settings application. Also, Emiel posted a patch to submit@. If you are using the NVIDIA binary griver, please try it out.

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8 Comments on NVIDIA for us


  1. Emiel Kollof says:

    Please note that the nvidia-settings application will only work if you have a 61xx driver at least. So, although you are free to build/test the nvidia-settings application, you’re not getting much use out of it until nvidia releases the new driver (and I release my dfport), which will be pretty soon.

  2. Lazarus says:

    Although Emiel Kollof is doing a fantastic job of keeping the nVidia drivers working on DragonFly, I can’t help but think that it might be time better spent working on the generic “nv” driver that is a part of both “Ex-Free86,” and X.org, as we’d not have to worry about the next binary only module that nVidia releases fof FreeBSD not working right away on DF.

  3. Joerg Sonnenberger says:

    “nv” is and will always be a 2D only driver. Therefore the need for the binary driver won’t vanish.

  4. Lazarus says:

    Joerg, is that just because of a lack of documentation, or am I missing something basic here (which would hardly be a shocking occurence, I admit ;^)

  5. Mario S says:

    I’ve nothing heard about a new nvidia driver for FreeBSD, that’s strange I’m not up2date ;-)

    Where/When can I get it? And I give it a try on DragonFly 1.0A and FreeBSD 5.2.1 !

  6. Justin C. Sherrill says:

    The newest NVIDIA driver is not out yet – Emiel is testing a prerelease version. It’ll be in dfports as soon as it’s released.

  7. tweakBSD says:

    Hmm, and are there any date notices about when the driver could be released, maybe late this year ? That would be great if it comes up with FreeBSD 5.3-Stable and Dragonfly 1.X ;-) !
    If I can test this prerelease too it would be great I’ll report as much bugs as I can, testing with my Gf3ti and GfFX!