Getting a quick start

For those of you with new installations of DragonFly, David Rhodus noted that the package builds on are up-to-date, and these commands may come in handy:

pkg_add -r XFree86
pkg_add -r
pkg_add -r

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5 Comments on Getting a quick start


  1. Lazarus says:

    KDE-Lite! I remember this from FreeBSD 4.10! It’s exactly the same as good old, run of the mill KDE-3.2.x except that it has nearly twice as many packages ;^)

  2. Mark Ma says:

    I see elsewhere that someone has done something with Portupgrade, and I am happy about that. But..

    I hate the way this sounds, but being rather new to Dfly, I am stressing because there are no ports. And with no ports, I am uncertain how to add new programs. Is it business as usual? Grab tarball, untar in appropriate location, ‘make install clean’? With ports, you know the make substructure is all there and usually functional..

    Help please, I am a little lost without Portupgrade.

  3. Justin C. Sherrill says:

    There’s plenty of ports. Use FreeBSD ports – download and use same as you would on a FreeBSD system. Download dfports, too, and DragonFly-specific overrides will happen automatically.

  4. xedx says:

    the few ports that i cant build are rhythmbox, mplayer and gkrellm.

    anyone successfully built those?

  5. aki says:

    Yes to all three.
    Used gcc3.4.
    CCVER=gcc3 in /etc/make.conf in case you want to know.