rconfig ritten

Matt Dillon has written a remote configuration utility called ‘rconfig‘, which sounds similar in theme to utilities like Kickstart or the whatchamacallit Sun uses. His description:

‘It allows a CD user to scan the network for configuration servers, download a configuration script based on a tag name, and execute that script all in one simple command. Running the rconfig server is just as easy… you basically just run the server -a -s and put your scripts in /usr/local/etc/rconfig/.sh and you are done.’

He’s added share/examples/rconfig auto.sh as a sample rconfig script. It will completely remove and reinstall DragonFly.

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4 Comments on rconfig ritten


  1. Emiel Kollof says:


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    (Yeah, we all make mistakes ;^)

  3. Justin C. Sherrill says:

    ‘ritten’ is on purpose, to match ‘rconfig’ – it’s spelling humor, yay!

  4. Lazarus says:

    Heh. Don’t mind me. I can be a little slow!