Installer screenshot

Devon already noted this in comments on the last post, but a screenshot (not a prototype) of his installer work is at

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  1. Mezz says:

    Off point, where did you get the info of installer example? From the dragonfly.kernel? If it’s from dragonfly.kernel, then it looks like there’s something wrong with the newsgroup.

    In Gmane and my newsgroup client only has the lastest date was April 25th, which there’s no 26th, 27th and 28th. Perhaps, someone should contract w/ Matt?

    But, the other works fine such as dragonfly.commits, dragonfly.bugs and dragonfly.submits

  2. Steve says:

    I think the link was on the IRC channel not the mailing list.

  3. Devon H. O'Dell says:

    As mentioned in the last post, this is something we’ve been discussing on EFNet in #dfinstaller.

    Kind regards,

    Devon H. O’Dell

  4. Mezz says:

    Thanks, I thought there was something wrong with the newsgroup.. But, it was just being quiet.. :-)