Less jerky, more nice

Among other source changes today, Matt Dillon made a change to the way priority is set for new processes, which should fix what he calls the ‘jerky X pointer’ problem. He also fixed the systimer in such a way that nice now actually works. The result is that your DragonFly system should now be even more responsive under heavy load.

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1 Comment on Less jerky, more nice


  1. Lazarus says:

    I’ve been wondering about that. I first noticed a jerkyness while (for example) playing games in KDE while rebuilding DragonFly in a Konsole window. This type of lag never happened to me under FreeBSD 4.8.

    This seems to solve many of those jerkyness and lagging problems that I’ve encountered, but it still happens when I’m rebuilding DF and playing tuxracer. Odd.