Emiel Kollof is working on a DragonFly fortunes file. If you plan to say something clever involving DragonFly, do it where he can hear you.

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3 Comments on Fortunes


  1. A.K.H. says:

    Hmm. Not that I personally am offended or anything, but I don’t think it’s very professional to have words like F*CK in some of the fortunes.

  2. Poor Clueless Newbie says:

    DragonFly; because it’s just not right to lock a free OS.

  3. Emiel Kollof says:

    Hmm, maybe I should split it off into dragonfly-fortunes and dragonfly-fortunes-o? I like to leave most fortunes as much intact as possible, maybe trimmed a bit for brevity. If you found a nugget on the list or on the IRC channel, I’d love to hear about it.