Variant enlightenment

If you’re curious about variant symlinks, Chris Pressey submitted (and Matt Dillon committed) additional documentation to the ln man page that talks about variant symlinks in some detail.

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3 Comments on Variant enlightenment


  1. DragonFly_Guy says:

    I was wondering, have you ever considdered putting the DragonFly man pages online as the other BSDs have done? It’s got to be done sometime, why not now?

    It would be a nice resource for us to have (like when you’re bored at work, and have nothing but a Windows system handy), and shouldn’t be much trouble for you to set up.

  2. Jusitn Sherrill says:

    I have the CGI for it that someone cleaned up and sent to me to do that – it’s a perl script, and I want to check with Matt before I add something executable to the website.

    I will be working on it after I get the mailing list archives set up.

  3. DragonFly_Guy says: